Most Subscribed YouTube Channels: Who are the Top 50?

Daily Update The Official List of the 50 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

🧐 Channel Info YouTube Category Subscribers Avg.Views
Last Updated: 02 December 2023 06:00 PM
1 T-Series Music 254M 0.4% 807.4K 78.9%
2 MrBeast Entertainment 215M 0.5% 165.55M 1.4%
3 YouTube Movies 177M 0.6% 0 -
4 Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes Education 168M - 6.2M 13.3%
5 SET India Entertainment 165M - 18.01K 63.1%
6 ✿ Kids Diana Show Entertainment 116M - 18.09M 5.6%
7 PewDiePie Entertainment 111M - 3.5M 0.1%
8 Like Nastya Entertainment 110M - 13.48M 12%
9 Vlad and Niki Entertainment 105M - 13.06M 14.4%
10 Zee Music Company Music 102M - 180.09K 347.1%
11 WWE Sports 98.3M 0.2% 193.02K 9%
12 Goldmines Film & Animation 92.3M 0.2% 22.81K 57.8%
13 BLACKPINK Music 92.2M - 6.21M 5.8%
14 Sony SAB Entertainment 87.4M 0.2% 115.26K 382.4%
15 5-Minute Crafts Howto & Style 80.4M - 118.3K 13.5%
16 BANGTANTV Music 76.9M - 1.21M 16.8%
17 Sports 74.9M - 0 -
18 Zee TV Entertainment 74.8M 0.3% 3.82K 350.9%
19 HYBE LABELS Music 73.5M 0.1% 1.89M 2%
20 Justin Bieber Music 72.2M - 3.61M -
21 Pinkfong Baby Shark - Kids' Songs & Stories Education 71.2M 0.1% 362.74K 22.4%
22 ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs Education 68.9M 0.1% 896.09K 14.2%
23 Colors TV Entertainment 68.8M 0.1% 3.97K 17.2%
24 Shemaroo Filmi Gaane Music 67M 0.1% 28.95K 6.9%
25 Canal KondZilla Music 66.7M - 27.54K 5.7%
26 T-Series Bhakti Sagar Music 64.6M 0.2% 13.08K 46.7%
27 Tips Official Music 62.4M 0.2% 133.16K 63.3%
28 El Reino Infantil Music 61.2M 0.2% 536.71K 1.2%
29 Movieclips Film & Animation 60.2M 0.2% 7.55K 38.7%
30 Dude Perfect Sports 59.9M - 10.88M 3.6%
31 Wave Music Music 59.8M 0.2% 362.2K 335.6%
32 Sony Music India Music 58.7M 0.2% 288.2K 595.1%
33 EminemMusic Music 58M 0.2% 5.38M 1.1%
34 Infobells - Hindi Education 57.5M 0.2% 4.83M 16.4%
35 YRF Film & Animation 57.3M 0.2% 1.01M 119.5%
36 Aaj Tak News & Politics 56.9M - 2.48K -
37 Marshmello Music 56.7M - 640.45K 77.4%
39 Taylor Swift Music 55.5M 0.2% 2.77M 0.2%
40 BillionSurpriseToys - Nursery Rhymes & Cartoons Entertainment 54.3M - 82.63K 364.9%
41 Ed Sheeran Music 53.9M - 248.19K 0.1%
42 Ariana Grande Music 53.1M - 2.65M -
43 Shemaroo Entertainment 50.2M 0.2% 19.21K 7.1%
44 4 ARY Digital HD Entertainment 48.9M 0.4% 7.61K 33.4%
45 1 JuegaGerman Entertainment 48.9M - 2.85M 4.8%
46 2 A4 Entertainment 48.9M 0.2% 9.41M 5.2%
47 2 Billie Eilish Music 48.8M - 934.61K 61.7%
48 1 Get Movies Film & Animation 48.8M 0.2% 165.06K 11.1%
49 2 Toys and Colors Entertainment 48.3M 1.1% 7.73M 42.8%
50 1 SonyMusicIndiaVEVO Music 48.3M - 14.48K 12.5%

Who Are The Top 50 Channals On YouTube?

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The Top 50 Channels On YouTube Offer A Variety Of Content And Entertainment To Their Viewers. These Channels May Have Some Of The Following Major Functions. Here We Are Only Giving Brief Information About The Categories Of Channels:

Entertainment: Lots Of Channels Provide Video Comedy, Entertainment. These May Include Vlogging, Comedy Sketches, And Comedy Programs.

Comedy: It Contains Prank Videos, Funny Animals, Fun, And People Related Videos.

Music: Music Channels Live Stream New Songs, Music Videos, And Concerts, And Also Upload New Videos By Independent Musicians.

Vlogging: Vlog Channels Share Videos Of Vloggers On Daily Life, Trips To Specific Places, Urban Environment, Rural Environment, Family Travel And Any Other Topic.

Educational: Many Channels Conduct Videos Aimed At Education, Learning For Young Children, Teaching New Things To School And College Students, Learning Tools, And Knowledge Videos.

Sports: There Are Sports Channels Broadcasting Videos Related To Video Gaming, Toys, Cricket, Khokho, Kabaddi, Basketball, Hockey, Football And Many More Sports And Players.

Kitchen And Catering: There Are Kitchen Channels That Create Various Food Dishes And Share Videos Of Cooking And Food Recipes.

News And News: Thousands Of Channels Broadcast News, Talks, And Information Videos. These Are Government And Private Freelance News Channels.

Technology And Science: There Are Channels Giving Information About Science, Technology, New Inventions And Making Videos On Science Topics.

Art And Music: There Are Channels Sharing Videos Related To Painting, Music, And Art, Handicrafts, Beautiful Art Of Mehndi, Dance Etc.

Sports And Viral Videos: Channels Featuring Cute Videos, Toys, And Major Sports Events And Highlights.

These Channels Create Videos For Various Purposes Such As Providing Entertainment, Information, And Knowledge To Their Viewers. They Often Strive To Educate And Entertain Their Audiences In Science, Technology, Entertainment, And Other Fields.

What's New In This Tool?

Top 50 Channels On YouTube Are Channels Related To Different Types Of Content.

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Why Need YouTube Analysis Channel?

Monitoring Channel Progress: Channel Analytics Can Be Used To Monitor The Popularity And Viewership Of Videos Released By A Youtube Channel. This Can Help You Understand The Progress Of The Channel And Give You Ideas For Releasing Videos That Your Audience Is Enjoying.

Content Management: By Analysing Channel Content To Manage It, You Can Know Which Videos Are More Effective And Which Videos To Create Will Attract More Audience.

Understanding Audience Preferences: Understanding A YouTube Channel's Audience Ideals And Preferences Can Be Analysed To Better Understand The Channel's Perspective, Allowing You To Optimize Your Content And Video Creation Process.

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